NHCC Data Center

NHCC is short for non-heading Chinese cabbage. NHCC Data Center stores abuntant sequencing data for biochemical, molecular biology and bioinformatics analysis. The data are listed according to project ID.

Project P001, Brassica rapa Resequencing Project

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Project P002, NHCC001-transcriptome (cold_heat)

Click here for transcriptome clean data for 15 samples.


Project P003, NHCC001 DEG

Paper: Genes associated with agronomic traits in non-heading Chinese cabbage identified by expression profiling

Authors: Xiaoming Song, Ying Li, Tongkun Liu, Weike Duan, Zhinan Huang, Li Wang, Huawei Tan and Xilin Hou*

Journal: BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14: 71

Data NHCC-DEG.tgz    ~1.3GB    md5check: a941cd0b8ad3a003c9996156b190a376


Project P004, NHCC004 vernalization RNAseq

Paper: Comparative transcriptome Discovery and Characterization of Mechanism of lncRNAs for vernalization in Brassica rapa

Authors: Tongkun Liu, Peng Wu, Wenli Wang, Changwei Zhang, Feifei Sun, Zhaokun Liu, Ying Li and Xilin Hou*

Journal: Plant Growth Regulation IN REVIEW

Click here for transcriptome clean data for vernalized and control samples.

We used comparative transcriptome analysis between control and vernalized B. rapa to identify differentially expressed genes and lncRNAs. Meanwhile, the analysis including hierachical categories, function annotations, as well as the correlation from mRNA-to-lncRNA were performed.

Vernalized Raw reads files: 219_1.fq.gz 219_2.fq.gz

Non-vernalized Raw reads files: n218_1.fq.gz n218_2.fq.gz

Gene Expression file: FPKM.xlsx


Project P005, Transcriptomes and DNA Methylomes of WTC and 2Q and their reciprocal F1 hybrids

Paper: High photosynthetic capacity at low irradiance contributes to heterosis in Brassica rapa

Authors: Tongkun Liu, Weike Duan, Zhongwen Chen, Jingping Yuan, Dong Xiao, Xilin Hou, Ying Li*

Journal: In submission

Click here for transcriptome and DNA Methylome clean data.

To explore the heterosis in Brassica rapa, we performed genome-wide measurements of transcriptomes-sequencing, bisulfite-sequencing data in the parental lines and the F1 hybrids.

Transcriptomes clean reads files: Lnc_F1A1_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1A1_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1A2_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1A2_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1A3_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1A3_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1B1_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1B1_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1B2_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1B2_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1B3_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_F1B3_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P1_1_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P1_1_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P1_2_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P1_2_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P1_3_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P1_3_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P2_1_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P2_1_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P2_2_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P2_2_2.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P2_3_1.clean.fq.gz Lnc_P2_3_2.clean.fq.gz

DNA Methylomes clean reads files: W_F1A_1_1.clean.fq.gz W_F1A_1_2.clean.fq.gz W_F1A_2_1.clean.fq.gz W_F1A_2_2.clean.fq.gz W_F1B_1_1.clean.fq.gz W_F1B_1_2.clean.fq.gz W_F1B_2_1.clean.fq.gz W_F1B_2_2.clean.fq.gz W_P1_1.clean.fq.gz W_P1_2.clean.fq.gz W_P2_1.clean.fq.gz W_P2_2.clean.fq.gz


Other Transcriptome and Expression Profile Projects

File Size MD5 Check First Author
Song Xiaoming
Song Xiaoming
Song Xiaoming


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